PowerPoint can be an effective tool to use with digital storytelling. This page contains ideas you can do with PowerPoint.

Create a Story with Multiple Endings

This multiple ending story was created by Harper Elementary 4th graders. Click the file to view an example.

Things we learned about creating multiple ending stories.
  • Have a "map" of the story with students names.
  • Show an example so they can see where they are headed
  • Print out each slide as it is finished and hang them up so students can see the progression.
  • If you have more than one class, have one class do Option 1 and another do Option 2

Creating a Multimedia Story Format
Multimedia StoryTech Bridge's Digital Storytelling with PowerPointCreate a
Tutorial for Creating a DS with PowerPoint

Grade Level Ideas

For Elementary Students

Create a brief narrative based on what you did last weekend.

Create a story set in a fantasy land.

Create a story that depicts an important event in your life and provide two different endings. Let classmates read your story and pick their favorite ending, then tell them which one truly happened.

Create a story to illustrate math concepts.

For Middle School Students

Create a story to tell about an environmental problem or natural phenomenon.

Create a biographical story told from the perspective of an important historical figure such as Confucius, Joan of Arc, or Martin Luther King.

Create a story where something surprising happens. Describe the setting and the sequence of events, and provide two endings. Let classmates read your story and discuss which ending they prefer and why.

For High School Students:

Create a fictional narrative, including descriptions of appearance, images, shifting perspectives, and sensory details.

Create a story to illustrate a law of physics or a scientific theory.

Using a social or political problem, create a story that identifies causes and effects and contains two endings or solutions to the problem.